Detail Norms Of Memberships

  • Membership Registration would be done through e-confirmation within 48 hours after the full payment acknowledgement.
  • In PRINCE Membership Plan there is Only Registered Patron can be favourable for the listed services and his/her referred company of other persons shall only be the part of general costing values.
  • Kindly markdown that there are only two persons (Registered Patron and His/Her prenominated one family member or beneficiary) is allowed in both KING Membership Plan and QUEEN Membership Plan.
  • The bookings must be requested minimum 15 days in advance with the completion of payment formalities.
  • Although we are committed to provide best possible services to our registered PATRONS, but the booking of accommodation can be a subject of availability according the high demands.
  • The Photo-ID proofs are mandatory for all members and their prenominated family members (beneficiaries) of JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS for the bookings procedures and also be necessary to produce on reception at Check-In as well.
  • Renewal of Annual Membership Scheme with non consumed services can only be considerable before 30 Days of expiry.
  • Special Gift / Special Gift Voucher to registered patrons can be confirmed on the basis of comfort and the best value of particular period.
  • Only registered patrons under KING Membership Plan and QUEEN Membership Plan can get the special provisions to avail the facility of “CARS ON RENT SERVICES”. Applicable only on the basis of prescheduled confirmations. (refer T&C Manual)

Applicability of discounts on accommodations and other check-out related conditions may be differ because it would depends on the travelling time (special dates) and destinations and also be considered on the management rules of the accommodation hosts. So it’s an advice that to avoid or to enjoy special events with the extent by paying the extra cost. There would be no check-out norms applicable on the special dates and destinations. (Example: Special dates considered as “24 Dec, 25 Dec, 30 Dec, 31 Dec & 1 Jan etc.” And destination as “Goa.”)



Clarify the Day-Night check-in/check-out scenarios in advance, so early/later check-in or later check-out would not be the responsibility of JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS, so general quotation can be differentiated according the accommodation provider’s policy.

There would be a possibility of differentiation in pricing and offers between Ongoing Deals and Finalised Deals through JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS. It would be preferable that to read out all related terms and conditions carefully and not to misunderstand the deals and services offered by JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS. We shall not be responsible for any misconceptions of customer’s mind.

Risk And Responsibility in Stay
You will have to take the risk and responsibility of all your baggage, belongings, currency, valuables, documents and personal effects (collectively ‘baggage’) at all times during the tour, whether during travel on the airline or during your stay in hotel or during your travel in coaches, while on excursions or otherwise.

If you forget to carry or if you lose essential travel documents such as permits, passport, ID, visa, tickets etc., you may be compelled to curtail the tour and you may have to incur extra expenses, for which you alone shall be responsible.
In view of what is stated above, please carefully note that:

  • We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage in respect of your baggage etc. or their contents whether due to theft, accident, and negligence or otherwise.
  • We shall not be responsible for any cancellation or curtailment of your tour compelled by any such loss of baggage etc. and we shall pay no compensation or refund to you.

Some coverage in respect of baggage loss or damage may be compensated by the insurance provider company.



Flight Service Confirmation And Re-Confirmation
Though you may receive a confirmed air ticket for a particular sector, airlines often overbook seats, due to which the airline may offload even confirmed passengers and may accommodate them on a subsequent flight. We will not be responsible / liable for any such offloading nor for any consequence of such offloading including delay, inconvenience or loss of tour services. As you are booked on a group fare ticket, please note that seat allotment will be made only when you physically would be reporting at the airport check-in counter. You are advised to report at the airport check in counter at least 3 to 4 hours prior to the departure time. Seat allocation is a matter of airlines discretion and availability of seats which is not in the control of JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS and we shall not be held responsible if you do not get seats together or do not get your preferred seats.

Please note that in case you are returning on a later date after the tour ends, the responsibility / liability to re- confirm air tickets 72 hours prior to the departure would be solely yours.




  • All payment shall be done in advance at the time of confirmation.
  • All charges and conveyance fee applicable as per both JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS and IRCTC norms.
  • Reservation charges and regulations would be different according the classes and the choice of availed quotas.
  • Photo ID proofs should also be carried according the classes and the choice of availed quotas.
  • India’s Best “Royal Life Special Trains Packages” having a self different section of rules and regulations. We need the full payment in advance along with the service charges of JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS before executions of these costliest deals. Customers’ should have to acknowledge all the norms of IRCTC or the related governing bodies for such services. This is a 3 – 4 months long process for getting the confirmation. If customer would be rejected, we shall be responsible to refund the whole amount but after the Deduction/Non Deduction amount on the basis of IRCTC norms along with JAISH TOUR AND TRAVELS service charges.
  • Our service charges for the “Royal Life Special Trains Packages” would be disclosed at the time of finalising such deals.

Discount would be referred only according the details of it.



General rules would apply and discussed at the time of proposing the deal and included the additional norms of our chosen service provider or partners.



Visas And Others (Travel Documents, Permits And Other Clearances)

  • To proceed with visa we required 2 photographs per person per visa (35mm*45mm matt finish white background 80% face exposure).
  • For on arrival Visa for Thailand Carry 2 photographs per person (35mm*45mm matt finish white background 80% face exposure).

It shall be solely yours the Client’s responsibility / liability to hold valid and genuine travel documents and statutory clearances, to enable you to travel on the tour such as ID / permits / passports / visas / cruise / train / bus / confirmed tickets / insurance or any other statutory certificates including immigration clearances, etc. In any case, your Passport must be valid for at least six months or as applicable subsequent to the scheduled date of return of the Holiday. It is the responsibility / liability of the Clients to furnish all documents required by the Company for application of visa etc. The Client acknowledges that the Company is merely a facilitator for providing visa guidance services. In the event the application for the visa made by any Client or the Company on behalf of the Client is rejected by the concerned Embassy or Authorities due to inadequate documents furnished by the applicant or due to any other reason whatsoever, the Company shall not be responsible / liable for the same. The visa fee includes the actual visa charge, cost of processing fees, professional charges, and overheads. All cost, charges in respect of the said application for the visa shall be borne by the Client and the non-refundable deposit paid by the client shall be forfeited and no claim whatsoever shall be made for the same. Granting or rejecting visas and immigration clearance is the sole prerogative of the concerned sovereign governments and the Company is only a facilitator, the Company shall neither be responsible in case of non-granting of such documents nor liable for any delay, denial or other related act / omission or for any loss, expense, damage or cost resulting there from. In case of cancellation of the tour by the Client due to non-availability of travel documents would not change only by virtue of the Client having applied for such documents through the Company. Even if the visas are rejected, the stipulated fees of the Company shall be payable by the Client. There will be no refund, if the Client, or any member of his party, is unable to travel due to the said reasons. In such cases, Cancellation Charges as applicable by the company will apply and the decision of the company will be final and binding upon you. Under the circumstances, you agree not to proceed legally against us unless there is a manifest error from our end.In the event that a client is unable to travel on the Holiday date originally booked by him / her, due to rejection of visas by the concerned Embassy, the said client shall have the option to postpone his / her holiday to any other future date or choose any other holiday destination subject to Cancellation Charges of the previous holiday. However, if the client books and pays within the cancellation period and is unable to travel due to any reason whatsoever including non-availability of visas or any travel documents, the Cancellation Policy will apply. The Company would not be responsible / liable in any manner whatsoever for any clerical error done by the concerned Embassy / Consulate regarding name, attachment of wrong photograph, duration and type of visa (single / multiple entry) or passport number. We always use services of reputed courier companies for the purpose of transmission of passports to the Embassies / Consulates and to our clients in various cities. We would not be responsible for any loss or damage whether direct, incidental or consequential caused due to transmission delays or loss of passport. The documents forwarded by you for visa purpose are sent by us to the concerned Embassy / Consulate by third parties and hence we would not be responsible / liable for loss of your documents. We would however, make best attempts to trace your documents or assist you in obtaining alternative / certified copies of the lost documents. For SAARC countries, please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of return of the scheduled tour. If you cancel the tour due to non-availability of the passport etc, you will be responsible / liable to pay Cancellation Charges.
We Advice
It is advisable that you do not carry valuables on the tour. However, if you carry any valuables, we recommend that you use all available facilities to keep them secure during your tour. In this regard, some hotels provide Safe Deposit Lockers (which may be charged separately). In case of airlines, we recommend that you declare your valuables to the airline at the time of check-in and pay an additional charge, as may be stipulated by the airline, to make the airline responsible for valuables. Without such declaration, airlines can invoke limitation of liability protections provided in international conventions and laws. If your baggage is lost or misplaced at any time during the course of your tour, it is your responsibility / liability to take all appropriate actions to file complaints with the concerned authorities, including police, airline office etc. In the case of group travel, the Tour Manager is responsible for the whole group of tour participants; he may not be in a position to escort you to lodge a complaint with the authorities, as it could compromise the convenience and time of the group.

Furthermore, Tour Managers / Assistants / Escorts are assisting the tourists throughout the tour and are not responsible for tourist’s baggage or any kind of personal belongings. On the entire tour the tourists have to be responsible and carry the baggage on their own. Instructions as well as information of the tour are to be followed in the group tours and the Tour Manager / Company is not responsible for any instructions overruled by the tourists and / or its consequences.

We are requested from our valuable and qualitative patrons to maintain the all kind of decorum to availing the listed or offered services under the guidelines of the management of the Hosting Body, so that we can do our extreme efforts to serve you in the best way.


  • In case of any third party products, such as cruise holiday, bus and train tickets, 5 Star hotels, services during the trade fair period, festival periods, the rules relating to cancellation and the cancellation schedule prescribed by the concerned third party service provider would be applicable and in addition the company shall have the right to claim service and communication charges of INR 2,000/- per person. Cancellation charges shall be subject to applicable tax.
    Service tax will be applicable on all cancellation charges. Hence, post deduction of cancellation charges with service tax, balance amount will be refunded.
  • Meals: Please refer to the Itinerary in the Brochure / Website for details of the meals which would be served to you on the tour. Unlike an airline, we cannot process a special meal, nor can we guarantee a special diet. We do not assure special meals, quantity of meals or special timings or extra halts for infants, children, or passengers with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure or any other condition. We cannot guarantee quantity of the food as may be provided by the service provider. If you have any such special requirements arising from medical conditions or from the needs of your children or otherwise, it would be advisable to travel on a customized tour and coach tours are not recommended.
    We, however, reserve the right to change the meal arrangement, where circumstances compel us to do so. At some places a meal allowance may be paid to you to enable you to have a meal of your own choice.
  • Health: It is entirely your risk and responsibility. Our tours are suitable for persons of reasonable fitness. They may not suit persons who are medically infirm or who have special needs or requirements whether due to age, medical conditions or otherwise. It shall be your duty to inform us in case you have any medical condition that may affect your ability to fully enjoy our tour arrangements or where the interests of other tour participants may be adversely affected by such condition. We reserve the right (without obligation) to ask you to undergo medical tests and to provide written certification of your medical fitness before departure or at any time during the tour and if you fail to undergo such tests or fail to provide such certificates, we may decline to accept you or to continue you on the tour.

Nri & Foreign Nationals: Non-resident Indians / foreigners can pay the Tour Cost in any convertible foreign currency received through normal banking channels or by debiting their NRE / FCNR accounts or against INR payment representing proceeds of foreign currency surrendered by them during their visit to India, duly supported by encashment certificates as per RBI rules. Foreign nationals residing in India can make payment in Indian Rupees against proof of residency and a photocopy of the same.

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